Launch Collection

The open generative art platform by GEN.ART

Eclipse is an open generative art platform. As of today it is available on the Ethereum Network only. It provides artists with all the necessary tools and utilities to launch and self custody NFT Collections (Smart Contracts). We aim to expand the platform to other chains in the future (Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism).

Supported Types of Collections

Our main focus is on Javascript Generative Art. As of now we only support HTML/Javascript based Generative Art Projects.
Though we plan to extend our platform to other collections types (PFP, AI, Pre-rendered Generative Art and 1:1) to make it accessible for a bigger audience.

1. Build Project

Your project has to comply with the GA Script Standard. You are free to use any open-source tools to build and compile your project. You may consider using the GEN.ART Playground or the GH starter project which provide you a feature to export your project in the required format.

2. Create Collection

Use the Create Page to upload your collection details and project files.
You will have to go through various steps to provide all the needed data for your collection and set up the distribution mechanic as also the pricing.

3. Create, Test and Deploy

Upload and test Project

First of all you will have to upload your project folder containing your generative artwork and test if it complies with the GA Script Standard and compiles with the Rendering Engine.

Upload Collection Avatar and Cover

Upload the images for your collection that will be used in your collection's profile.

Fill Form

Fill the form with the necessary data and information for collection by going through the steps. Check the Reference to learn more about the required fields.


Instantly deploy to test and main networks.