Create Collection Reference

Collection details


The blockchain the live collection should be deployed on.


Name of your NFT collection.


Ticker symbol of your NFT collection.

Supply type

Specifies the supply of the NFT collection.
  • Capped Edition capped to specific amount of tokens
  • Open Edition unlimited possible mints

Collection Size (conditional)

The maximum possible amount of NFTs to be sold for the collection. In case you chose Capped Edition as "Supply Type" you will also have to provide the total Collection Size. NOTE: Mints can't exceed this amount.


The license provided to buyers of your NFTs.


The aspect ratio the token images should render in. When the image is rendered, the wider size is always set to 1500px.


Collection Description (also displayed on OS in the token detail page).

Mint Mechanics

Mint mechanics can be seen as sales channels or distribution channels. Each sales channel has a defined pricing, sales quantity, time period of sales and can optionally be restricted by specific conditions (like requiring the user to own a specific ERC721 token).

Drop Size

The maximum possible amount of NFTs to be sold in this channel.

Pricing Type

The type of pricing for this channel.
  • Fixed Price Fixed price sales
  • Dutch Auction Custom dutch auction style. More info about Dutch Auctions below.
  • Airdrop Upload a list of accounts and airdrop them free NFTs
  • Free mint Allows accounts to mint NFTs for free

Time range

The period of sales for this channel.

Open date

Open date of the sale for this channel.

Close date (optional)

Close date of the sale for this channel.

Gated Mint

Allows to restrict the channel to holders of a specific tokens.

Contract Type

The type of contract to restrict users on this channel.

Contract Address

The address of the gating contract.

Minimum tokens owned

The minimum amount of NFTs must be held by an account.

Allowed per token owned

The maximum amount of NFTs an account can buy per token held.

Account Restrictions

Allows to restrict amount of NFTs minted per transaction and account.

Allowed per account

Total of NFTs allowed to be minted by a user.

Allowed per transaction

Total of NFTs allowed to be minted in a single transaction.


Creators are able to add as many royalties recipients as they wish. Keep in mind that each entry will add to the gas costs of minting tokens of your collection.

Recipient Address

The address of the recipient.

Royalties Percentage

The percent of royalties to be paid to the recipient. E.g if you add 1.5% royalties for recipient A and sell an NFT for 1ETH. Recipient A will receive 0.015ETH in royalties.

Mint Earnings Shares

Defines the split of mint proceeds from the collection. NOTE: The sum of shares has to be equal 100%. The platform keeps a 7.5% fee for each minted NFT.

Recipient Address

The address of the recipient.

Mint shares

The share from mint proceeds. E.g. if you add 100% shares for recipient A and the collection mints 100 tokens á 0.1ETH. Recipient A will receive 9.25ETH.

Deploy To Testnet

Once you have input all required data you can deploy your collection to the Goerli Test-Network and test the mint functionality. You are also able to view your collection on OpenSea and check transaction on etherscan.

Setup wallet

In order to use the Goerli Test-Network you will have to have it setup in you wallet. How to setup Goerli Test-Network on Metamask.

Get Test ETH

You also need some Goerli ETH to pay gas fees. Get Goerli ETH from Alchemy Mine Goerli ETH in your browser

Dutch Auction

Eclipse provides a customizable way to create dutch auctions. The auction is fully automated but needs to be configured by a bunch of parameters that control the decay and acceleration of decreasing:

Start Price

The start price of the auction.


The percentage of decrease on each decrement.

Auction Style

The type of price decreasing.
  • Linear
  • Exponential


Total times of price decreasing.


The delay in which the price decreases (in minutes).