Connecting artists with our network


Curation is a fundamental aspect at GEN.ART. It helps artists to improve and gain knowledge from other experienced artists in the network. Artists will receive feedback from the Team and the Curation Board before they publish their collection.

Curation Board

The GEN.ART Curation Board is a (rotating) group of members, in addition to the GEN.ART team (Chris, Mav, 0xGhost). They are responsible for curating, providing feedback and onboarding artists. Artist applicants will have to pass an approval process set up by the Curation Board to drop a collection on the platform.

Voted Curators

Each Curator receives access to private discord channels where applications are posted and evaluated by the board. They will also have access to the GEN.ART Admin App where they can review artists ongoing work.

Board Leader

The Curators will nominate a member as the Board Leader who will be responsible for providing a feedback-loop between artists and the Curation Board.