GEN.ART Application

Apply as a Curated Artist

How to apply?

If you are interested in getting featured as a Curated Artist on GEN.ART visit our website and submit an application. Once it has been reviewed you will get contacted by the team and get further instructions. Make sure to submit a project that demonstrates the style and concept that you want to publish. Consider to provide a bunch of outputs so the Curation Board can get a feel of the range of your style.


There are no costs involved for submitting a collection at GEN.ART. In case of approval the platform will cover the costs for promoting the collection to the GEN.ART community and the occurring expenses for marketing material and artists photography and videography.
Though once the collection has been published the artists will have to cover the transactions gas fees. The platform covers the funds for the transaction upfront and claims them back from the artists after release. Transaction gas costs for uploading collections range between 0.2E and 0.5E (~ 20-25kB).


If the application gets approved, artists will get invited into a private discord chat and asked to submit their project on the GEN.ART Playground. Find out more about the curation process.