JS Playground

The GEN.ART Playground provides an easy way for artists to create Generative Art Scripts that comply with the GA Script Standard. It also complies your code and checks for any runtime or type errors.

Injected GA Library

The Playground injects the GA library into your project. It provides you with properties and functions to communicate with the GEN.ART Rendering Engine. Read more about it here.


Tweaks provide a way to modify input variables with a UI pane. Before you can use it, you have to define your tweaks object in the tweaks.json file.

Input types

  • Numerical range
  • Boolean
  • Hex color
  • RGBA
  • RGB
  • Text value
  • Select


"tweak_range": {
"value": 1,
"min": -10,
"max": 10,
"step": 1
"tweak_range_2": {
"value": 1,
"min": -10,
"max": 10
"bool": true,
"tweak_select": {
"value": "Up",
"label": "Down",
"options": ["Up", "Down"]
"text_value": "foo",
"hex_color": "#ff005b",
"rgba_color": {
"r": 248,
"g": 214,
"b": 40,
"a": 1

Access tweaks object and global functions

In your javascript code (sketch.js) you can access the values by the name of your tweak input value.
setup() {
const hash = options.hash;
const rnd = new Random(hash, 4);
setMetadata('color', tweaks.hex_color);
setMetadata('size', rnd.random_int(2, 3));
draw() {
* draw something

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